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Project | 01
Project | 01 Annual Author Lecture Flyer

These two flyers were created as part of an annual author lecture series to advertise the event. I utilized the book covers as my inspiration for color and design.

Project | 02
Project | 02 Marketing Graphic

This graphic was used to advertise AV support services in an email signature for the department.

Project | 03
Project | 03 ULA Brochure 2015-2016

This brochure was a unique design requested by the client. It folds in half twice to form a card rather than a trifold for ease of mailing. 

Project | 04
Project | 04 Dance Library Brochure

This trifold brochure previews a special library collection and provides information about how to use this resource.

Project | 05
Project | 05 Sustainability Digital Sign

This design was created for an interactive digital sign. The client's intention was to implement touch screen capability to highlight the sustainable features of the building.