Project | 01
Project | 01 The Genesis of Seven

The Genesis of Seven is my latest design project. It's my first official self-published book, and the cover, interior, and marketing materials for it are all designed by me. It's the start of a new YA fantasy series about angels. If you would like more information, please click here.

Project | 02
Project | 02 Life Walks

Life Walks is an exhibition catalogue and/or magazine for a photography project I worked on during my undergrad. The exhibit was a collaboration between University of Denver students and residents at Clermont Park, a senior living facility. Students and seniors were partnered together to share their life stories and make new friendships through photography.

Project | 03
Project | 03 Archangels: Guardians of Heaven

This book was my first book design project, where I chose to design and self-publish a book as a part of my senior project to graduate high school. Archangels: Guardians of Heaven is meant to be a picture book of sorts that is about archangels. The subject matter of this project still inspires my writing today.

Project | 04
Project | 04 The Dream of One, Became the Reality of Many

This project is a retirement book for a former dean of the University Libraries at the University of Denver. She influenced and inspired many people, whose well wishes are documented in this book. Her vision of what the library could be transformed the entire campus, leaving behind a great legacy that has impacted many.

Project | 05
Project | 05 The Drawings of Anthony Liguori Sr.

Anthony Liguori Sr. is my grandfather who had an amazing artistic talent. When he passed away, he left behind a massive collection of drawings, which I scanned and compiled into this book. The drawings inside are only a selection of his work, but they capture a wide range of subjects that he drew.

Project | 06
Project | 06 The Adventures of Little Flo

The Adventures of Little Flo is a compilation of stories that my grandmother wrote about her life. For her 70th birthday, I edited the stories and designed this book for her so that her stories, and coordinating family photos, were all combined together.

Project | 07
Project | 07 What Do Flowers Mean to You?

This project was for another photography class during undergrad where we had to come up with a question to ask random people. It happened to be spring, and all the flowers were blooming, so I was inspired to ask people what flowers meant to them. Afterward, I took pictures of flowers to represent their answers.